Company Overview

Firefly Information Management was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing world-class enterprise data management services to Global 2000 companies seeking comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

Our aspiration is to bring value, simplicity, trust and information security to a world of complexity and uncertainty.

The vision of Firefly is to provide a world class business service for enterprise data management based on a cloud platform. We combine technology trends in semantics, information management, artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to become a world leading enterprise data management cloud service provider.

    Firefly provides end to end business services including:

  • Strategy and Management Consulting.
  • Implementation of EDM/MDM Solutions including Intelligent Cloud Services.
  • Managed Services to manage data across the data life cycle and to improve data quality.
  • Research technologies and methodologies for meaning-based computing.

That enable organizations to multiply the value of their data across all enterprise applications, processes and entities requiring timely and accurate data delivery.

We will enable enterprises to leverage the most benefit from internal and external data by providing trustworthy, consistent and complete data & information at the right time and in the right place.