Prague, November 11, 2017 - News

Monday launches in public beta

Monday is a marketplace that connects companies with contractors directly.

Zug, August 15, 2017 - News

The Date Universe

The different types of data drive your digital digitalization.

Zug, May 26, 2016 - openings

Firefly seeks for a new head of technology!

Excellent technology expertise and entrepreneurial mindset a must.

Zug, August 24, 2015 - Firefly at events

Firefly presenting at the IRM UK Enterprise Data & BI Conference Europe 2015

Leverage Internal and External Data with Linked Data Principles for Integrated Reporting

Zug, July 01, 2015 - About us

Firefly appoints former Accenture Managing Director into board

Kerstin Lomb to assume position at Firefly from July 01, 2015

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Zug, June 29, 2015 - Firefly products

Competitive Market Knowledge Through Firefly Market Insights

Truly understand your market and identify new opportunities.

Zug, June 18, 2015 - About us

About our board

Our board member Dr Diane Bitzel has been nominated female board potential from the Swiss employer’s association.

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Zug, June 1, 2015 - About us

Happy birthday to us!

Firefly to celebrate 1st anniversary.

Zug, April 1, 2015 - Firefly at events

Firefly presenting at the IRM Master Data Summit 2015 in London

MDM Innovation: Linking Data Semantically in the Cloud

Zug, February 23, 2015 - About us

Firefly extends leadership team and board

Firefly is happy to have won Fernando Vieira to join as co-founder and head of managed services, as well as Dr. Diane Bitzel and Adrian Brünisholz as members of the board.

Zug, January 30, 2015 - Firefly in the media

Vernetzen schafft Nutzen - Fachartikel in der Computerworld Schweiz

Wie können Unternehmen ihre exponentiell wachsenden Daten nachhaltig pflegen und nutzen? Die Antwort liegt in der Vernetzung der Daten.

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Zug, January 13, 2015 - Firefly at events

Firefly presenting on the Richmond IT Forum 2015 in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Creating Synergies with Linked Enterprise Data

Zug, December 20, 2014 - Firefly in the media

Mit Linked Enterprise Data im digitalen Zeitalter durchstarten

Interview mit Firefly-Gründer Martin Schiesser in der Computerworld.

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Zug, December 17, 2014 - Firefly Services

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With Smart Enterprise Data

Firefly enables the leap into the new world of data management with its Firefly Enterprise Graph solution.

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Zug, October 25, 2014 - Press Release

Firefly Information Management AG launches innovative solution for "Linked Enterprise Data"

Firefly is providing for the first time a solution that reflects the current Internet standard for enterprises: all data are semantically connected.

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Zug, September 29, 2014 - Firefly partnerships

Official SAP partner

SAP has chosen Firefly as a Partner for EIM.

Zug, August 17, 2014 - Firefly services

Evolution Enterprise Data Management

Our passion for excellence brings the highest benefit to our customers by implementing new ways of data management.

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Switzerland, July 21, 2014 - Newspaper - L'agefi

Big data orienté sur le segment industrie

La start-up évolue vite dans une tendance grandissante du management IT

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Zug, June 30, 2014 - Press Release

Zug-based company revolutionises Big Data

Firefly makes management fast and reliable

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Monday is a state of the art online service developed by Firefly Information Management. Firefly was founded in 2014 by a group of management consultants and digital experts. Its main vision was to create the enterprise graph to enable cognitive intelligence in a business. Monday is an application of the enterprise graph as a contractor graph.

With a good understanding of graph technologies that we have implemented at clients, we had the idea to use these technologies to build up the people graph. That means building up a large pool of talented people and have companies create positions immediately matching the right people for the right job. This will eliminate the middlemen and drastically shorten the process and costs.

Data has become a critical-to-success currency for companies worldwide. The extent to which companies are still able to grow, significantly depends on their ability to leverage information from various data sources -- unless they have a truly disruptive product. Effective use of data is relying heavily on the way it is secured, governed and used. However, these key success factors in data management are often underestimated.

With the digitalization many companies are overwhelmed by the amount of data being generated and effectively used. The data reside in silos across the organization being undersecured, undergoverned and, eventually, underused. With companies being increasingly data-driven, the unrealized potential and its impact on business is enormous.

We at Firefly believe that the only efficient way of making sense out of your data is by linking them. We advise our clients in graph and data fabric technologies to enable them to realize their full potential and create great new products and services.

Click here to download the infographic.

Firefly Information Management AG is seeking for a new head of technology. Expertise in graph technologies, big data, data management, Python and related technologies is strongly required. Thus full time position is placed in either Zurich, Switzerland, or Prague, Czech Republic.

Click here to get more information about the opening.

Firefly Information Management will present at the Enterprise Data & BI Conference Europe 2015 in London on November 4, 2015. Martin Schiesser will talk about how to "Leverage Internal and External Data with Linked Data Principles for Integrated Reporting".

Click here to get more information about the event.

Firefly Information Management AG expands its board by appointing Kerstin Lomb a mandate. Previously Lomb was over 12 years with Accenture and a Partner/ Global Managing Director. She assumed July 1st the position as Managing Partner for WP Human Capital Group’s „Global Board Services“, focusing on digital business models and human capital.

Businesses are more and more challenged to overcome the traditional approaches to data management.

There is no way out to think holistically about what is happening in a business –enabled through valid and reliable data. Today’s volatile and competitive business environment drives the demand for an integrated data management approach. Firefly Information Management AG is specialized on innovative data management that helps to turn complexity and uncertainty into simplicity and security and reduces IT costs yet allow already innovative scalable solutions to meet tomorrow’s demand.

The differentiated approach of Swiss based Firefly Information Management AG, headquartered in Zug and subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Portugal and Germany calls for an international expansion.

“To establish our innovative approach efficiently internationally and to strengthen our skills around digitalization of business models, we have now with Kerstin Lomb the expertise in these areas on board”, says Martin Schiesser, CEO Firefly Information Management AG. “ With Mrs. Lomb we have a highly specialized senior leader for global and digital business models and the requirements that come along with this on board.”

Growth, new markets, digitalization, product- and service innovations as well as regulatory demand, sustainability and social corporate responsibility drive the need for more and more agile and flexible analyses and reports.

Kerstin Lomb: “The Firefly Information Management AG’s approach is highly differentiated from competitors and has an innovative solution that allows to link all data within and outside a company without the need to completely restructure all databases and the IT. Data can be visualized by being semantically linked in an enterprise graph. This allows supporting the management with valid data for decision-making and at the same time to meet information needs of other internal and external stakeholders. And that includes external data like from providers, partners, clients as well as the Web.

Kerstin Lomb was over 12 years with Accenture and Partner/Global Managing Director, thus a member of the global leadership team. She was responsible for market development and the global marketing for a number of industries. Additionally Lomb supported several Fortune 500 companies with change management projects and has a proven track record in developing and implementing digital business models, along with global branding and competitive positioning, including emerging markets and fast moving industries. Prior Accenture Kerstin Lomb held positions as managing director with Publicis and unit lead with Dt. Telekom. Since July 1st she has assumed the lead of “Global Board Services” at the WP Human Capital group.

Firefly Information Management AG provides world-class innovative enterprise data management cloud solutions. We enable organizations to multiply the value of their data across all enterpriseapplications, processes and entities that require timely and accurate data through cloud based semantic data management.

Contact details:
Martin Schiesser,
Founder & CEO
Firefly Information Management AG,
Industriestrasse 9, PO Box 1524
CH-6301 Zug

Telephone: +41 79 192 56 94

Do you truly understand the needs and requirements of your end customers? How do you embed new market trends into your planning effectively to stay ahead of the competition? Why do you leave service management to OEMs instead of growing your own business?

With today’s complex markets, it is difficult to grasp the interdependencies between business operations and the fast-pacing world around you. And this is not due to a lack of data. On the contrary, an overload of incoherent data silos leads to micro-managing single things, but missing out on the big picture.

Firefly Market Insights helps you to take more informed strategic decisions by linking the inside world with data from the outside world. Our cloud is where we create your market graph.

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In October 2013 the Swiss Employer Association has published a report on the share of female members in boards in Switzerland. 150 stock listed companies have been asked and responded that 84% of the heads of the governing boards responded that they would like to increase the number of female members in their boards. The Swiss Employer Association took that as a reason to capture profiles of 400 board ready and qualified female Swiss leaders.

We are very proud that our board member Dr Diane Bitzel, who currently holds the position as global CIO of Lonza, has been awarded with a portrait as top female board potential. Congratulations!

Read the full report here: Female Board Pool of the University of St. Gallen or click here to download a copy from our server.

Firefly is celebrating beginning of June its first birthday. And for us, this is a success in two ways - we not only survived the first year against statistical odds, but we also managed to economize the value we created. We have won four major clients, built up a strong opportunities pipeline, created valuable assets and of course made good progress with our semantic data cloud platform.

Our gratitude goes out to everybody who made this success possible. Thank you all! We are looking forward to an exciting second year with you.

The IRM Master Data Summit will take place from May 18, 2015 to May 20, 2015 in the Radisson Blue Portman in London, UK. Please find more information at Register with the promo code “FF10” to get 10% off the entrance fee.

Firefly Information Management is happy to announce the latest member of its leadership team. Fernando Vieira has joined Firefly as co-founder and head of managed services as of February 1. Prior to joining Firefly, Fernando was Principal at Infosys Lodestone Management Consultants where he was member of the Information Management community and Head of Data Migration and Information Transformation practice. He was the central communication point for any Data Migration activities, with a very broad range of activities, from answering to RFPs to support migration delivery work. At Infosys Lodestone, Fernando strengthened his career in the Data Migration area, delivering successfully multiple high complexity migrations.

In addition, Firefly has officially elected two long-term partners into its board, Dr. Diane Bitzel and Adrian Brünisholz. Dr. Diane Bitzel is currently CIO of Lonza, a global life science company. Before joining Lonza, she was CIO and Head of HR for a global food manufacturer and has held senior IT leadership positions with Syngenta, a global agrochemical manufacturer. Before this, she has served more than twelve years as management consultant with Capgemini and other consultancy firms. Adrian Brünisholz works as a CFO for a life insurance company with assets under management of 1 billion Swiss francs. He has over 20 years of experience in the financial service industry and more than 15 years in different finance functions within leading insurance companies focusing on corporate strategy, finance and project management.

Firefly is a solution company that provides world-class enterprise data management solutions for targeted industry verticals requiring a consulting, technology & business service partner with the ability to offer extensive, multi-domain data management functionality.

Contact details:
Firefly Information Management AG,
Industriestrasse 9, PO Box 1524
CH-6301 Zug

Lange folgten die Anforderungen an die Datenhaltung den Business-Prozessen. Daraus entwickelten sich Datensilos, die sich nur langsam wieder aufbrechen lassen. Verändert sich das Unternehmen durch Akquisitionen, Fusionen oder Verkäufe macht das den Prozess noch schwieriger. Daten zu harmonisieren oder zentral zu halten, gleicht einer Sisyphusarbeit. Erfahren Sie, welche Möglichkeiten sich durch neue Technologien ergeben und wie Sie diese für sich nutzen können, um Ihre Kosten zu senken und Ihren Wettbewerbsvorteil zu sichern.

Nutzung des Artikels mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Computerworld

Creating Synergies with Linked Enterprise Data

Data is now regarded as one of the most important assets of an organization. The increasing volume and detail of information captured by and about organizations, the rise of social media, and the Internet of Things will fuel an exponential growth in data for the foreseeable future. Because of growth, mergers & acquisitions and changes in company structure, organizations are not able to manage their data most effectively to create value. This makes it difficult to stay on top of an integrated data management solution.

Rather than just consolidating data sources, the linked data approach is a paradigm change to semantically integrate structured and unstructured company data with other systems and sources within and also outside the organization.

The presentation will show the synergies at certain use cases like integrated reporting or integrated innovation management.

The Richmond IT Forum will take place on the 28th and 29th April 2015 at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

More information here...

Im Gegensatz zu Informationen im Web sind Geschäftsdaten kaum verknüpft. Das will Martin Schiesser mit dem Start-up Firefly ändern. Künftig sollen Unternehmer im «Linked Data Enterprise» den vollen Durchblick haben. Lesen Sie mehr im Interview.

Nutzung des Artikels mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Computerworld

The current world combines different approaches of enterprise data management. These are decentralized data management and consolidation for e.g. global reporting, central and decentral management during harmonization phases, e.g. in data migration scenarios, and, ultimately, centralization of data management in mature organizations.

Yet, how close will you come to central data management, when your organization is constantly disrupted by merger and acquisi- tion activities, new regulatory and legal requirements and business requirements?

Based on our long-term experience at Firefly, harmonization of data should happen at another level, a super layer that helps to 1. open data sources for ease of access and increased transparency, 2. link data for unifying systems, structured and unstructured and 3. make data smarter by leveraging linkages to new heights and create new insights into data by infering new insights.

By using non-invasive technologies, a unified methodology and shared models, you will break down the information silos that exist within your organization. And fewer IT barriers mean faster access to information resulting in higher business performance.

With our solution and our expertise in data management, we are able to help you step into the new world of enterprise data management and to achieve your targets. Our Firefly Enterprise Graph is based on linked data principles and semantic technolo- gies that will make your data excel and your organization thrive.

Smart Enterprise Data

In a fast-paced business world, operating with global structures and complexities, an essential component of innovation and competitive advantage is to obtain information about the entire organization in real-time.

However, companies are finding it hard to breakout of traditional approaches to information management and related business processes; despite increasing pressure to create and manage complex supply chains, distribution channels and delicate mergers, there remain ever more data silos.

Firefly, specializing in enterprise data management, is providing for the first time a solution that reflects the current Internet standard for enterprises: all data are semantically connected.

Thus, heterogeneous data, which is physically separated in different systems, with different data structures and access rights, can be linked together. This allows for:

  • Full transparency of data across the entire value chain
  • Identification of emerging synergies between divisions, processes and systems
  • Elimination of „silo thinking" of people, departments, divisions and the company's management
  • Automatic integration of external data, such as suppliers, customers, competitors and openly accessible data (regulatory, legal, compliance)
  • Creating new contexts of data
  • Analysis of complex semantic contexts through predictive analysis
  • Insight into the semantic data quality throughout the entire enterprise chain

"Our Super Semantic Layer allows the customer, for the first time, to integrate all business-relevant internal and external data," says Firefly CEO Martin Schiesser. "This allows for global and business sector solutions such as integrated innovation value chain or integrated reporting, based on key performance indicators. "

Firefly works with Global 2000 companies and has partnerships with SAP, among others. The international team at Firefly has many years of experience from leading consulting firms, with deep industry expertise across different sectors, and the right mix of technology and strategic know-how.

Firefly AG is opening shortly additional offices in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Contact details:
Martin Schiesser,
Founder & CEO
Firefly Information Management AG,
Industriestrasse 9, PO Box 1524
CH-6301 Zug

Telephone: +41 79 192 56 94

In recognition of Firefly’s proven focus and track record in Enterprise Information Management and its innovative strategy for semantic data management, SAP has chosen Firefly as a Partner for EIM.

Firefly continues further to deepen its strengths and expertise in key SAP domains such as EIM, MDG and PLM. In addition to providing full lifecycle consulting from strategy to implementation and managed data services, Firefly will work on extending and integrating current SAP and non-SAP applications with its own platform.

For more information contact us at

Firefly Information Management AG

Industriestrasse 9, Postfach 1524
CH-6301 Zug, Switzerland

With the web being the reference point for emerging technologies, enterprise data management (EDM) has been evolving in a parallel manner according to our understanding.

Just like the web was a collection of static web pages with physical links and indexing search engines, corporate environments, at that time still on the move towards client/server architectures have simply linked their systems which led to fragmented data across different systems.

Following social media evolving from the web, EDM started to rely on streamlined, guided processes and collaboration tools to increase the level of data and process quality across the systems. This has been supported by extensive system consolidation efforts.

Due to the speed of new requirements in organizations, i.e. mergers and acquisitions, increased time-to-market and frequency of product launches, harmonization efforts are too slow to integrate new systems and faciliate changes in existing systems.

With the evolution of the Internet of Things and big data processing capabilities, systems have to be enabled to manage their data more intelligently. Firefly’s solution is a semantic super layer that integrates relevant information from enterprise systems and is capable of fetching external information, e.g. regulatory requirements for the Pharma industry.

Firefly’s platform will already enable your organization to spear-head the next level in data management – semantic data management as a service.

Evolution of Enterprise Data Management

For more information contact us at

Firefly Information Management AG

Industriestrasse 9, Postfach 1524
CH-6301 Zug, Switzerland

Alors que le big data passe déjà pour une notion ultra-banalisée, l’industrie semble encore nettement sous-équipée. C’est sur ce constat que la start-up Firefly, basée à Zoug, teste son modèle d’affaires. Après quelques mois d’activité, la microstructure profite de plusieurs entrées dans l’industrie en Suisse et à l’international, dans plusieurs domaines cibles, dont les sciences de la vie, surtout pharma, le discrete manufacturing, les machines et les biens de consommation. La singularité du projet, selon son initiateur Martin Schiesser (45 ans, ex-Accenture), tient sur le positionnement, en l’occurrence la focalisation sur le contexte SAP. Un must en matière de management IT, qui présente l’avantage d’une focalisation naturelle sur les grands comptes, SAP comptant parmi les solutions les plus complètes du marché, plutôt réservé à la haute industrie.

Firefly repose sur cinq actionnaires, dont Martin Schiesser, très largement majoritaire. Avec le projet d’ouvrir progressivement le capital-actions, y compris aux collaborateurs (cinq à ce jour, 11 d’ici la fin de l’année, projection plus de 100 collaborateurs en 2017), sur un mode partenaire. Il est aussi prévu de faire entrer un investisseur d’ici la fin de l’année. L’objectif à cinq ans est de réaliser un chiffre d’affaires de 25 millions de francs, à multiplier par cinq sur un horizon de dix ans. Pour atteindre ces objectifs, Martin Schiesser pré voit une internationalisation rapide, à travers des filiales pays. La prochaine étape est déjà en vue, en Allemagne, où Firefly compte déjà quelque clientèle.

Le modèle repose sur trois approches: conseil, plateforme it, services externalisés.
Le consulting figurant en première option.

Dans les projections, le développement de la plateforme informatique devrait être réalisé sur le mode coinnovation, à travers le financement des premières entreprises clientes.

La plateforme elle-même repose sur le croisement de trois niveaux de données, rassemblées de «SAP à Google». Le résultat se lit de manière graphique, distinction majeure selon le créateur, précisant qu’il ne s’agit pas d’une banque de données relationnelles traditionnelles. «Les grandes entreprises évoluent dans un contexte data complètement hétérogène nécessitant un degré d’analyse très poussé.» Il rappelle aussi que l’environnement général va se complexifiant, pas seulement dans les domaines les plus proches des grandes tendances régulatoires. C’est vrai pour une industrie comme le pharma, mais pas seulement. Il donne l’exemple d’une simple pizza surgelée, qui se trouve aujourd’hui au cœur d’un faisceau d’informations d’une densité inimaginable: ingrédients, farine, lait, élevage des animaux, conditions de travail des producteurs, hygiène, etc.

Contact details:
Martin Schiesser,
Founder & CEO
Firefly Information Management AG,
Industriestrasse 9, PO Box 1524
CH-6301 Zug

Telephone: +41 79 192 56 94

For the most progressive companies in the world, the mentality of “think globally, act locally" is already built into how they work. However, the actual practice of leveraging company data across geographical boundaries in a more intelligent way to generate value is fast emerging as the next wave of “Big Data.”

Leading the way in this field is Swiss entrepreneur, Martin Schiesser (45), who founded Firefly Information Management AG in 2014. Firefly helps companies create “brilliant data” that is combined into a condensed source of information, enabling accelerated and reliable corporate governance.

A the heart of Firefly’s technology and approach is to define and connect internal corporate strategy and decision-making points from global to local levels, and merging with external developments. “We help company management obtain accurate pictures of the operational state of the company at any given time, allowing them to respond much more quickly than before,” says Martin Schiesser, CEO of Firefly. “Firefly also identifies and leverages external developments that may be relevant for a company’s ability to act and relates them to internal decision making contacts”.

With Firefly’s approach, management structures are provided with a new form of enterprise data management, into which customers and suppliers may also be integrated, making it possible to obtain an overall view of the state of the company at any given moment. This new leadership tool, which is not external to the management structure but is instead an integral part of it, is called “Semantic Super Layer”. It is used to accelerate management decisions based on reliable data in a way that was not possible until today.

Martin Schiesser adds, “We are already developing applications of this new type of management system today with our clients in the field of digitisation of the value chain”. Firefly has established partnerships with SAP, Camelot Innovative Technology Labs, in addition to our first contract with a Fortune 500 company.

The high transparency of optimising internal processes made possible by Firefly creates opportunities to develop and bring new products and services to market faster, with increased sales and earnings as a result. Firefly develops management capabilities that bring an outstanding and measurable improvement in the ability of companies to compete.

Contact details:
Martin Schiesser,
Founder & CEO
Firefly Information Management AG,
Industriestrasse 9, PO Box 1524
CH-6301 Zug

Telephone: +41 79 192 56 94