More intelligent data management

We help our clients to manage their data more intelligently for better insights and easier operations.

Data is at the verge to be regarded as one of the most important asset of an organization. At the same time, with a steadily increasing amount of data generated within the organization as well as about the organization and its products staying on top is a major challenge. Organizational and functional boundaries within most organizations are not designed or for various valid reasons restricted in the use of their data siloes. This makes it difficult to stay on top of an integrated data management.

Firefly’s approach to data is not as much as to consolidate data sources, but rather opening them up to integrate their data with other systems and sources within and also outside the organization. Clear definition of data elements together with the ubiquity and openness of data eliminates data siloes and creates new opportunities in harvesting knowledge that can be used in more intelligent processes and decisions.

Our semantic core platform enables companies to manage their data more intelligent using industry-standard and custom ontologies to classify and link data. Various scenarios are supported to index, search, link and, ultimately, maintain most important data objects. Firefly’s semantic core platform runs fully in private, hybrid or public clouds hosted by our reliable partners.

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