We offer our clients an end-to-end business service to manage their enterprise data covering management consulting, technology consulting and managed business services.

Our service offering covers the following areas:


  • Highly divergent system, process and data architecture
  • No standards, no tools
  • Leading to a transformation in Marketing/Supply Chain/Financial/Sales/R&D and HR.

    Ongoing transformation

  • Ongoing standardization of system, process and data architecture
  • Finance and/or ERP transformation
  • Digital transformation in Marketing/Sales
  • Regulatory disclosure data initiatives
  • Big Data initiatives
  • System consolidation
  • Reporting initiatives
  • Transformational support for content design, governance, content integration and tooling

    Post transformation

  • System, process and data architecture standardized
  • Tools and Governance model not mature
  • Standardization investment in risk
  • Either positioning new tool, or positioning compliance index